Volunteers in All Regions

Have you ever noticed of what gets done at times because of Volunteers?
Have you notice that they are everywhere?
They are of all ages?
What would we do if we didn`t have Volunteers?

Our MRC is very privileged to be able to count on many people who give of there time willingly to serve others.

The community sector is a diversified field of activites that favors to improve the quality of life of any individual and develope integration into different groups of.

Here are some examples:

Community NEWS

Many Volunteers know and make known the local vitality , like activies and the things going on in the municipality. We count on volunteers to write the articles, correct them, place them on paper, and distribution.

Municipal Libraries

The Library premits people to find there passion to read and experince different medias like books, cd’s, etc. The volunteers take pleasure in greeting the public, classing books, and making orders.

Societies Stories

What better way to know of your society by hearing stories of pass generations before us. Your home town is the Ideal place to know your historical past and about others before you.

Cultural Committee

Volunteers share there artistic and technical talents during the year in all the activites they do. They do this without a cause, but of there own free will.

Volunteer Income Tax Clinic

A volunteer program of qualified volunteers who have had training from both goverment offices Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada.

These volunteers help people who have low income and need help filing there taxes. You can find these tax clinics in March through out the surrounding areas.

This program from the L’ARC is offered the on line and on paper, training to our volunteers along with coordinators who give this training.

Every year these organized tax clinics help over half a million Canadiens file there tax returns.


The Centre d’Action Bénévole (CAB) is present in the schools as well . The future of our youth is inportant and with great ideas, many talents,and good intentions. The volunteers who work with the youth are also a great inspiration in their lives. Our youth can appreciate the generosity of the many heart caring people who give freely of their time to the well- being of their communities.

School Contests:

Every year, the CAB places an activity that teaches our youth about sharing and giving of there time willingly. This is done in our Primary Francophone and Anglophone schools of the MRC. It may be a drawing or an action of there good intentions that show them what a volunteer does freely to help someone else.

To read and to be read to

Some of our schools benefit well from this program. This program focuses, encourages, and developes our youth to want to read. This program is designed for children from four years of age to eight years of age.

Youth mail:

Volunteers under supervision of qualified personal recieve and answer letters sent by students.

This is to learn a good communication between the youth,fellow classmates and there parents.The goal is to communicate with respect without using physical and verbal violence in our schools.

City School

The Centre d’Action Bénévole is a proud partner in a school project called City School at the Louis-St-Laurent High School in East Angus. This project gives the students a roll into what they would like to become and represent in their community.