Volunteer Action

Take note : that the contribution of Volunteers is an essential key to all sectors of humane activity .This gives volunteers a window to increase visibilty to develop volunteer action amongst the public population.

It is important for volunteer action to be promoted in all activities beneficial and non profit.

It is important to reach out to all age groups .This is why we promote volunteer action in groups such as schools, social groups, communities and municipalities, etc.

Once a year , we have a complete week dedicated in the month of April to all our Volunteers across Quebec.(http://www.fcab.org/semaine-action-benevole.php)

Our week This year in 2017 was from April 23rd to the 29th of 2017. The (CAB) Centre Action Bénévole organizes a special evening to recognize all our volunteers . The CAB also participate in special events that take place within the municipalities. These festivities are compacted with good emotions ,pleasure,and surprises. Next year date is 15-04 to 21-04 18

Our center prioritizes support for our volunteers. This is why we welcome, and refer our volunteers to their needs .

It is important that our volunteers feel good about the job they do as avolunteer. The (CAB) gives it’s members thematic  information and training .

We often ask ourselves questions like :

  1. Am I made to be a volunteer ?
  2. What could I bring as a volunteer?
  3. What would I gain as a volunteer?
  4. Why should I be a volunteer ?

If you are asking yourself these questions, do not hesitate to join us !

Volunteers are inportant in our society .

They are everywhere and contributing putting life

Into our communities and bring hope and love to many .

Steps we must follow for our well being and security:

  • Welcoming
  • Orientation
  • Screening and Background checks of any implication
  • Code of Ethics

The Volunteer is…

  • like a developing intrument of personal and social resources signifiant for the population in need of material and human aid .
  • the working force behind the Centre Action Bénévole the (CAB).This force of volunteers.

The code of ethics is a fondamental guide between professional and interpersonal relations and  is a quality guide for customer service.

Our organization the code of ethics is translated in transparency, integrity, and professionalism of all our work duties.

Working for the Centre d’Action Bénévole (CAB) the Employer, Administrator, and the Volunteer excepts the following:

  • Do the job and know the inportance and values of our organization.
  • Maintain respect and behaviour always. As for respect we mean in language, being courteous, having cleanliness, honesty and punctuality, shows professionalism.
  • Except the differences, experiences, values and reputation of your clients and work colleagues.
  • Have confidence in yourself and adopt a positive attitude to maintain good work relations.
  • Keep information and confidentiality amongst your work tasks of your job and less advise said according to the law.
  • Be discrete towards your clients, the personnel and the volunteers.
  • Carry out professional obligations with integrity, objectivity,and independence is necessary to ensure the best interests of the community.
  • Assure that your activities personal and professional do not effect the accomplishments and functions of the Centre d`Àction Bénévole (CAB) avoid  conflict of interest.

We mean by conflict of interest, with the following situations:

  • Using confidential information to favor your personal interests.
  • To obtain directly or receive favors that could influence your task or be compensated for your kindness.
  • To put yourself in a particular situation that would cost you the integrity of the organization.