Our Team

France Lebrun

Director General

France takes care of all fontions of this organization like : planning with organizations, controls and evaluates the budgets of programs and activities in the organizations and ensures relations and representations.

Lyne Perreault

Administrative Assistant

Lyne has many tasks like  Customer Service, Transportation Calls, Document Production, Answers Emails, Organization of Drivers, and Accompaniment etc.

Sylvie Laprise et Louise Lacroix


These ladies are responsible for all accountability of all  projects , groups, accounts, and the payroll of all budgets.

Johanna Dumont

Volunteer Coordinator for Seniors and Caregivers

Johanna takes care of seniors wishing to remain at home,and  caregiver groups .

She also does recuiting ,screening of volunteers who in turn, work to accompanied the elderly and give support to all of the francophone community.

Diane Grenier

Volunteer Coordinator

As a volunteer’s coordinator for the English community of our area, Diane meets and ensures a follow up with volunteers. These volunteers are active in all aspects of services to seniors wishing to remain at home. Part of the mandate also involves screening and integration of new volunteers.

Diane Grenier (suite)

Community Activity Liaison

With many tasks and themes she  organizes activities for groups who are isolated in OMH’s to give them more pleasures in life .She offers them respect and a listening ear .She also brings them Viactive exercise program.

Nancy Blanchette

Coordinator of Community Programs

Nancy  helps with support of many community groups and also Viactive groups.

Nancy also Coordinates different programs and services like the Standup Program, Lire et faire Lire in the Schools and helps with celebrations and recognitions of our volunteers.

Caroline Gagné

Services Agent

Caroline takes care of our Income tax clinics and volunteers, Meals on Wheels program, Pair Program, RUÉE Program, Compilation process of monetary statistics, and also clerical support to our personnel.