The Centre d’Action Bénévole (CAB) has been offering the PAIR program to several MRC’s in the townships. The center serves these following MRC’s above with stars:

  • MRC du Haut-Saint-François
  • MRC Des Sources
  • MRC du Val-Saint-François
  • MRC de Coaticook
  • MRC du Granit

The goal of the pair program:

This is a personalized service that automatically calls daily to check on the person and to remind them to take there meds. The recipients of the pair program receive predetermined calls once or several times a day.

This program allows the person to have there autonomy and live worry free in there community. It also guarantees more security and tranquility to their family and friends.

Who can benefit ?

All persons retired, ill, or living alone benefit from this free program offered by the agents of the Pair Program.

How to proceed ?

People interested in benefiting from this program can communicate directly with the Centre d’Action Bénévole (CAB) of the Haut-Saint-Francois : (819) 560-8540 press 9 for English.

To whom it may concern, the town of Sherbrooke and the MRC of Memphrémagog with local police have had this service in place  for a few years now.