Support is given for those who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible and enjoying their quality of life.

Meals on Wheels


I am over 65 and I live at home.

I do not live in a foster home or a golden age residence I am 70 years or older and I am admissible for a tax credit for Housekeeping.

I am under 65 years of age and I am in loss of autonomy temporary or permanent.

Other reasons sickness, accident, depression,mourning, solitude, or recuperating.

If you answered yes to any two of these questions, you are likely to qualify for the Meals on Wheels program .

MEALS ON WHEELS is : A hot meal that consists of a soup, the main course, and a dessert from a local restaurant that offers this service.

The meals are delivered between 11am to 12 noon .

The delivery day or days vary between restaurants that offer these meals your area.

This is not a lifetime commitment so why not give it a try .

Offer these meals to your parents or grandparents gift certificates by contacting us at 819-560-8540 or come see us to order at 209 Des Érables office 311 in Weedon or 288 Maple St. East Angus.

Assisted Transportation

Volunteer Drivers who can also accompany you to your appointment . This service is mainly for persons 65 and over. The cost is paid in kilometers to the driver.

Home Support

This is a group of volunteers who meet on occasion to make telephone calls and visits to the shut ins. They also do arrands for the person. Some groups organize community meals and deliver greeting cards and special treats to the elderly.